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Our story

Can I eat this or will my digestion get cranky again?

At biotys, we have asked ourselves this question numerous times. And there was never a clear answer. After years of trying this and avoiding that, we thought that maybe there was a better way.

We tried to find an app that would help us. Unfortunately, there were only a few and they were either too complex, incomplete, or expensive. The taboo around this subject did not help.

So we asked ourselves: Can we do better? And our little team of sensitive guts got to work. We built the app that we were looking for. It helped us a lot to understand our digestion, what type of food to favour and to avoid.

Now we want to share it with everyone, free of charge. We sincerely hope it will help you too!

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Keep track of your food

Easily keep track of what you eat, drink and how your digestion reacts with just a few clicks.

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Understand your digestion

Get useful insights with graphs and timelines.

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Keep it private

No account. No database. Everything stays on your device.

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